Bon Hiver

The infamous Chicago winter eschewed her ferociousness this year. We had many days of sunshine rather than dreary gray skies. And the cold has been quite fleeting. Here one day gone the next. I don’t think the temperature dropped below 0 degrees this year! Yay!

A marvelous wintry storm did sweep in a few weeks ago though. Below are some shots I captured amid the swirling snow.

Pining Away


I edited these photos using newly discovered free image-editing software: GNU Image Manipulation Program or (GIMP). It is free and it is awesome! The program offers more creative control over your photos than the reasonably-priced Aperture by Apple but  it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like the powerful Adobe CS5. Right now, I’m using Aperture to manage my photos and for light editing and GIMP for more in-depth manipulation.  I’ve built a custom database using the rapid application development software FileMaker Pro to manage my images but I haven’t made full use of it yet. That is the next step – direct upload to FileMaker with all editing done in GIMP because there is a bit of overhead with Aperture… I’ve got a few more weeks till spring to implement that in my cozy den and then I’ll spend the light-filled days stalking the city and it’s gardens for rapturous visions. Bon Hiver!

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5 Responses to Bon Hiver

  1. Wow, that first one is amazing! Are those the natural colors or did you modify them?

  2. Cinda says:

    Beautiful Pics!! I am jealous. We have had no substantial snow here in Indianapolis!

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