Bike Winter 2013 Logo Sticker Contest

Hey everyone! The winter season is not too far away and, a group of volunteers dedicated to supporting biking through the winter, is holding their annual logo sticker competition. The stickers will be used to spread the word and good cheer of biking through the cold months ~ “Every day is a good day to ride a bike”, they say. And so do I! I’ve biked through two Chicago winters now. It ain’t so bad. It actually makes the winter much more enjoyable. holds events such as art shows and decal making parties; they provide information on safe winter biking and what to wear; and just generally raise awareness about the joys of winter biking!

Check out the sticker candidates this year and vote here.

Below is my submission this year!

While I think there are a much better submissions than mine, it was fun to make! I used Gimp, the free image-editing software to cut out the bike silhouette from a picture that I took a few years ago:

And then modified the color scheme down to the gray shadow… and you can see the rest! By next year I hope to learn how to use inkscape (the free alternative to Illustrator) to draw a smoother, more polished submission..

Anywho… Hope you vote and hope you get to experience the fun of winter biking this year!


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One Response to Bike Winter 2013 Logo Sticker Contest

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought yours held up well when compared to the others! I voted for you!

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