Bike Winter Art Show

The Bike Winter Art Show is brightening the gloomy late winter skies once again! The closing takes place this Friday at C. Haus in Humboldt Park. The event space has room enough for dancing, the annual fashion show, and large-scale installations. For more details follow this link.

2013 will mark the second year that I have participated in the show. This year I created a graphic design of a girl posing in the Chicago Bike Salute stance, seen below at the opening at Gallerie F in Logan Square.


Also on display at the show is a photo of my ’63 blue Schwinn Suburban amidst a sprinkling of woodland wildflowers.


We made it through another winter! I biked nearly every single day and was the happier for it. Thanks to all the bike winter volunteers for putting on fun events like these to keep the community warm and close on these dark winter days!

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9 Responses to Bike Winter Art Show

  1. andy1076 says:

    Isn’t it funny how we went from the single speed suburban bikes to street bikes and multi speed and back again? :D

  2. Brent Durland says:

    Hi, Kristy! Nice to see you! Love the bike photo.

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